Why Vector Tee?

Because for many of us, golf is a good walk spoiled. How many times have I thought that as I searched for my ball in the rough only to find it and knock it into the opposite rough. I look up from the giant divot to see my friends waiting for me on the green and the next foursome waiting for me in the tee box. There are times when I hate this game, and I wonder why I keep on coming back, but I always do. To me, golf is like fishing…mostly boring, often miserable, but in those rare moments when I actually catch something, it makes it all worth it. I’ll hit 17 terrible tee shots just to get that one beautiful shot. You know the feeling. The force up your arms as the club contacts the ball in its sweet spot, a crack like thunder, and finally the beautiful arc as the ball travels straight and true down the fairway. At that moment, we are all Tiger Woods, minus the affairs and losing.

I have a couple of engineering degrees and a PhD, so I’d like to tell you that I decided then and there to put those to good use and find a better way. That I hunkered down, and in a flurry of cocktail napkins, logarithmic equations written on slate blackboards, and metal wastepaper baskets overflowing with crumpled papers…finally found the solution, but that’s not how it happened. It came to me one Friday night as I played pool while watching Shark Tank…and drinking Budweiser of course.

After a year of testing and development, we finally have the Vector Tee. Now you can feel like Tiger Woods with every tee shot, minus the affairs and losing. check out the animation to see how it works. There are also a few videos showing Justin using the tee. He hits it straight on, then 30 degrees to the left and to the right. Even on these severely angled shots, the balls goes straight. Believe me, I was just as surprised as you will be that it actually does work.



Price: $15.99


Price: $15.99

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How durable is it?

A: That would depend on who’s hitting it.  For the typical weekend golfer, I would expect it to last at least several rounds.  For a hard hitter, probably around 6 holes.

Q2. How does it affect distance?

There will of course be a loss of energy as the force is transferred through the tee.  In addition, only the component of the force vector along the line of travel will move the ball, so the better it’s hit, the farther it will travel.  These effects are mitigated by the backspin created which act with the dimples on the golf ball to create lift and thus more distance.  On average, expect about 20% loss of distance.

Q3. Is it legal?

Define legal.  You won’t be using this on the PGA tour.  By definition, a tee can only hold up a golf ball, so this would not be a legal tee.  A Mulligan is not legal either, but most of us take those. Many companies, including established companies like Calloway, make nonconforming (illegal) products.  This is not for the golf purists, though they would have fun with this too.

Q4. How about spin?

Because the club never touches the ball, there will be no slide or hook.  We are working on ways to introduce controlled spin to provide fade and draw.  As mentioned, there is backspin, which aids in lift, and thus provides more distance.

Our Instructions

  • Place the tee into the ground with the arrow pointed in the desired flight path.
  • Place the golf ball on the small platform that has the arrow. There is a shallow groove on this platform which will keep the ball from rolling to either side. The platform is tilted, so the ball will roll backwards to rest against the sphere.
  • Now hit the sphere on the side opposite the ball. We recommend using a driver on all shots—the larger and flatter the face, the better. By flatter face, we refer to the loft angle. Higher lofts will tend to lift the tee from the ground, thus compromising accuracy. A 3 or 5 wood will work, but will not be as consistently accurate. Do not use an iron with this tee, as it may damage it. Because you hit the tee, not the ball, the tee will fly. The distance and direction will depend on how it’s hit, usually around 15 feet and at an angle to either side, so make sure noone is in it’s flight path. We are now sending out the tees with a tether. This can be used to aim the tee, and will also keep it from flying away. Simply put a regular tee in the small loop at the end of the tether, next to the metal clip. Then push this into the ground in front of the tee. The other end of the tether is looped around the Vector Tee. Now aim the Vector Tee by pulling the tether tight so that it forms a line directed toward your target. Push the Vector tee into the ground and you’re ready to hit.

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Discover new accuracy in your drive, keep pace right when you need it, and enjoy greater fun on the greens with this handy tool.

Bill Chuang

Founder, CEO

Tresa Slattery

Director of Development and Public Relations

What Our Client’s Say

I used this at a golf scramble.  I’m a pretty good golfer, but as the round went on, and I had a few more beers, I noticed my drives were starting to scatter, so when I had a narrow fairway, I got out the vector tee and hit it right down the middle.


I was able to test out The Vector Tee today. A super smart concept and an even greater product! As a college golfer and a future engineer, I really enjoyed this product and hope to get my hands on one very soon!


I was skeptical and this did not improve my distance but it certainly delivers as far as aim is concerned.

Amazon buyer

Bought the tee at the Michigan Golf Expo.  Best purchase I’ve ever made.  Love how straight I hit it with any swing.


Just wanted to let you know I had the opportunity to try out the tee the other day. It was definitely a unique and fun experience. My initial thoughts were that one would lose a lot of distance on the drive. I noticed some for sure, but not nearly as much as I thought. And, the ball always went straight. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by how well it performed.


I was very dubious at first, but the videos were pretty convincing so I tried it out. Hard to believe, but this thing really works. Like the other reviewer said, I lost some distance, but the ball went straight, no matter how bad my swing was.  I own just about every golf gadget out there, and most are pretty much crap, but this thing really works.

Amazon buyer